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"Roaming" is an invitation to look at a parallel universe, and allow the mind to march.


Quartet of four dancers seeking to allow the body and space to create a fantasy. Virtual Reality. Creating a space that challenges the hierarchies the mind creates, blurring the boundaries of what we behold and that which we do not. The piece uses the human body as a hybrid creature, and moves along the fine boundary between amusement and chasm (metaphorical and geographical). An act of resistance in the existing order to create a language, an organized set of rules and at the same time a forest. The piece lies between the existing and the imagined.

Now ask yourself what do you see?


Choreography: Shani Bar Dimri

Performers: Inbar Buchbinder, Sharon Valevski, Maya Schwartz and Adva Palgi Sadik.

Original music: Amir Sinai Weisglass

Costume design: Ron Ben Baruch

Original production of MASH Dance House, Premiere 18.12.19

Special thanks to RE-SEARCH professional program, KELIM choreography centre, Noam Deutsch, Hilla Berendman, Avishag Gaya and May Manovitz.

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