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Choreographer, performer and admirer of words, works between Israel and the Netherlands. My artistic research addresses the body as a landscape that needs to be re-discovered, by letting the somatic biography lead the journey. The aesthetic line in my choreographic work are an emphasis on movement research, minimalism and search for physical-emotional mechanism. Each work is an invitation to a mental-emotional diving environment.

In my works I explore mostly the ways in which the body and tissues store and carry the everyday experiences. In my philosophical artistic approach, the everyday reality and the body (physical and emotional) are rigid raw materials. As if we could hear the resonance during the encounter between them. And as in any frontal encounter between things it will leave marks, fractures, traumas.

These ruins are my inspirational moments.

Therefore, choreography is my laboratory in which I confront and study the body as an evolutionary process. I use live performance in order to address this study to the audience. Having the aspiration to touch, to meet and invite an honest dialogue about our private and shared biography in this complexed setting called life.



Born in 1988. Israeli choreographer and performer, currently based in the Netherlands. I hold a Bachelor degree in dance and choreography from The Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem (IL), and a Master degree in art education from the HAMIDRASHA art faculty, Beit-Berl College (IL). Completed a biannual choreography program at the Kelim Choreography Centre in Bat Yam (IL).

My works presented in festivals throughout Israel: 1|2|3 A development program for emerging choreographers in Suzanne Dellal Centre, ’Tel-Aviv Dance’ (2021), 'MASH' (2019), ‘Nifgashot' (2018), ‘Fresh Paint’ (2016, together with plastic artist Esther Naor) and ‘Diablog' Festival (2015).

As a performer, I collaborate with Abigail Rubin, Lital Netzer Ben-Horin, Daniel Landau, and others. Danced in J.A.D.E - Repertoire Ensemble of The Dance and Music Academy in Jerusalem. Won a scholarship on behalf of ‘Independent Creators Foundation’ (2021) Since 2014 I teach and lead movement workshops for all levels of movers.

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