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Forms of Us

This ten-minute, ten positions duet is dedicated to our primal need as humans to be carried.
It is all out there, our physical vocabulary is exposed in order to allow the audience to immerse themselves into the two bodies scalped together.
We hide nothing.
We even reveal the inner secrets of the choreography in order to carry your gaze, to release your thoughts and dream together.
The duet moves through three distinct parts. At first, we unite and transform, never leaving one another. In the second part, our bodies act apart. Continuing our independent paths within the same vocabulary. This time, by listening and improvising, allowing the ten positions to produce fantasy. The last part is all about coming back, to simply release our weight and finding harmony in caring and carrying.
Now, let go the need to speed, the need for a climax and just recall a hug, because this is all where it started from.

Creation: Shani Bar Dimri
Dancers: Noam Deutsch and Shani Bar Dimri
Premier: 9/3/2019  Kelim, Israel
The work was created during a stay in Berlin
Original music: Amir Sinai Weisglass
Special thanks to Helen Burghardt for being a partner in the research.

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