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The work is a ritual, where I return to the wave movement in my body. Submit to it and through it connect to physical roots. The wave movement raises questions concerning the body of the dancing woman.

The starting point of the creation was connecting to a pure pleasure experienced in the wave movement. Listening to my inner DNA led me to dive deep inside and recall the rhythms that remained in my body from home, my family tradition (Morocco / Egypt), and years in which I was influenced by hip-hop (culture, dance and music). The origin of my observation and research were these two eastern-western practices, devotion to the wave movement and cultural-social questions related to the female dancing body.

Carpets are a central element in Eastern culture. In the work, Fitna, the carpets are laid out in space emphasizing the private space and public space, interior and exterior spaces. Memories from my Grandmother living room tiles, architecture of temples, arena and stage. The encounter between the audience's eyes, the carpets and the dancing female body exposes the thin line between the everyday and the holy, and between the sexual and the ritual.


Choreography and performance: Shani Bar Dimri

Original music: Eldar Baruch

The costume is sponsored by MIZO by Inbal Ben Zaken

Premiere:  'Meeting' Festival  2018, 6.7.2018, Israel

The materials for the work were developed as part of the

'Kelim' choreography program.

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